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    We had a disk failure in one of our servers which meant our backup server took over so you still all had Image Boards to post on, we have now fixed the faulty raid drive and put the main server back online. The backup server that came into operation contains the posts for the last 24 hours this server has now been switched back into recovery mode in case of any further outages which is unlikely to occur again. In the event of a outage the backup server will kick into operation this ensures you always have a fully functioning site. We know it can be frustrating and look like posts have vanished but this is not the case so please try to not shout and scream on the image boards when these unforeseen things happen. We now have over 28 million people visit our sites per year with traffic of over 2 Tera Bytes a day and 12 million requests and try to provide you with the best possible free service we can, it was either leave the site offline for 24 hours or to have a backup server kick in.

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