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/wv/ - West Virginia
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/wv/ - West Virginia

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File: 1547728709371.png (16.07 KB, 200x178, C5D69FDA-9681-4B3B-870A-78….png)


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Anybody have anybody that graduated in 2015?


I have Hannah mos.s, and Lilly Hale.y for Chloe. Grove.r , Brooke ree,d, lauryn nu.tter, it any other sc grads from 2015-2018




I have Cierra smith wins and will actually respond to you. K!k me - nedfreely


Post those cierra Smith and hannah moss

File: 1554777058678.png (132.59 KB, 2000x1297, 018F9B30-98A7-46AA-9795-4E….png)


Bring Marshall back
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Any wins


Repost Kayla NonN from last thread?




Any (T)yler (B)radley wins?


Anybody have Brittany Mc/donnell?

File: 1549750076224.png (16.12 KB, 200x178, 200px-Map_of_West_Virginia….png)


Anything old or new


anything new or old?



File: 1555735661593.png (16.53 KB, 200x178, A929FD06-B9B8-4857-A5DB-71….png)


any nicholas county wins?

File: 1555375962385.png (930.41 KB, 1080x1920, 1480632848291-0.png)


Anymore of allicia c?


File: 1555456003925.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, 1480632848292-3.png)

Heres one


File: 1555456710497.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, A Cloud.png)

Shit I know there's more


File: 1555548068163.jpg (36.55 KB, 640x516, LDnKODh.jpg)

Booty pic


File: 1555724569040.jpg (212.8 KB, 1280x960, XeOzsDx.jpg)


File: 1543652357069.jpeg (220.64 KB, 1125x992, CA6229DE-7A9C-4FBF-88D7-9….jpeg)


Let’s see what ya got
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File: 1555463995387-0.jpeg (254.81 KB, 1242x1358, FD2E5603-1D6A-4F73-BF25-F….jpeg)

File: 1555463995387-1.jpeg (50.22 KB, 284x480, C56FE036-E082-4D65-89A0-E….jpeg)

Here’s some wins for mikayla c
Alyssa M


File: 1555464256727.jpeg (366.04 KB, 720x1280, DE17408B-9BD9-4F6B-88AE-2….jpeg)

Courtney B


File: 1555464356963.jpeg (399.21 KB, 1242x2108, A43E9F50-B848-4D97-9C22-B….jpeg)

Stephanie E


Ok guys we got a couple wins on here now someone else contribute


Hannah Adkin$ or Jess e$trathers?

File: 1543728040208.jpeg (180 KB, 716x960, dv3.jpeg)


Boone thread starting off with Darian V.
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Already had people trading me on snap if you want to *** add that snap


That’s supposed to say if you want to t-rade



Also have Madison M. Ashley H. Taylor T. Another of darian V. Both Robison twins. Cheyenne R. & Gloria B & Breyanna F. anyone of those for chance? Just lmk


File: 1555723789514.jpg (201.56 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_1885.JPG)

File: 1551238929755.jpg (11.81 KB, 500x171, IHS_3.jpg)


Accidentally deleted old one. New thread for new wins
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Just post wins here


Why would I post here when no one else is posting? At least there people shared.


Could get this one started again with posts


Well im willing to share if someone else does


I just fount a Raleigh county premium snap 20$ for lifetime an it's got some really good wins

File: 1554448556575.jpg (69.41 KB, 810x1440, 19243304_1529096817137097_….jpg)


Anyone know anything about this chick?
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I heard something about her once…


Anything? From Jackson/wood area


I've got 3 wins of hers. Big ass tits and nice pushy. I heard she's a freak


Anyone able to get wins or at least get her to flirt on FB or anything like that yet? If anyone has some sauce on her and can post screenshots of conversations with her I'll post wins



File: 1547682372247.jpg (101.09 KB, 728x425, 405-lincoln-county-west-vi….jpg)

 No.98[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

New lincoln thread.
Lets run it back boys
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Looking for Melissa T(oney)


anything new?


Will pay for Nikki porter !


Don’t have kick post bays on here and I’ll post Hatfield


>1881 quit being stingy just post Hatfield on here someone will lost bays eventually

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